Friday, September 19, 2008


Characters are great fun to draw. Here are a few recent ones. If I silence my subconscious art director, they develop much more unique features.

Once the face is on the page, its like looking at someone I'm meeting for the first time. "Hello, who are you?" I wonder about their life history, who they really are, where they came from. And so they change from just an interesting face into a real character.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I am a traditionalist, preferring pencil and paper over mouse and computer when making art. It is a personal preference based on my affinity toward the tactile experience. (These quick graphite sketches from life were done on a wonderfully toothy manila paper.) I do not dislike digital art. On the contrary, there are some amazing images being produced digitally. It's just not my medium of choice.

In a recent conversation about storing images digitally, it was mentioned that images generated several years ago using the technology available at the time have been found to have degraded over the years. In some cases, the software that generated the original art is obsolete. I wonder how the digital community is ensuring work will be still be able to be viewed decades, or centuries, from now.