Sunday, June 28, 2009


As most artists (after they have moved past the finger painting age), I began making pictures with a pencil. When I began pursuing art as an adult, I found drawing, particularly in black and white, to be so very mesmerizing.

Having spent the past several years immersed in color, I have recently felt the need to find my black and white "roots" again. So, after a couple of weeks playing with papers and boards, charcoal and ink, I have rediscovered the method and materials I originally fell in love with: Cretacolor Nero pencils on a really soft creamy white Fabriano. It's such an enjoyable way to spend time - almost enough to make me think about giving up color altogether!


Lauren Gallegos said...

Beautiful rendering! You do black and white just as well as color, so if you enjoy it, you should do more! I love the little duckies!

Christina Forshay said...

Gorgeous, as usual :)

Anonymous said...

That's magnifique! Please, what technique do you use for the wonderful textures?

Patricia Cantor said...

Thank you, Anonymous!
I do a fair amount of blending in the flat, gradated areas. And I use a softer pencil, with no blending, in areas like the fur, allowing the slight texture of the paper to play a bigger role.